Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate, Nutrex Research


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Item Form pill
Brand Nutrex Research
Weight Loss COMPLEX 294.5mg *
Caffeine Anhydrous *
Theobromine Anhydrous *
Theacrine (as TeaCrine) *
Yohimbine Hcl *
Rauwolscine *
* Daily Value not established.
Flavor No Artificial Flavors
Unit Count 60

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  • EXTREME CAUTION ADVISED: This is the strongest LIPO-6 fat loss support product we have ever released.
  • This is the strongest LIPO-6 fat loss product we have ever released. It’s so strong that you can never take more than one pill.
  • This is an ultra concentrated super potent one pill only formula that is designed to rapidly destroy body fat deposits.
  • Just one pill will set the stage for extreme fat loss effects.


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