MusclePharm Carnitine Liquid, 1000mg


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Item Form Liquid
Brand Muscle Pharm
Special Ingredients Carnitine
Flavor Citrus
Servings 31

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  • IMPROVED METABOLISM FOR WEIGHT LOSS: MusclePharm Carnitine Core Capsules help transport long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria to be metabolized for energy, enhancing weight loss.
  • HELPS REDUCE BODY FAT: The mitochondria is the cell’s powerhouse; it works to process fats into energy. Carnitine Core Capsules are used to expedite this process, which helps reduce body fat.
  • HELPS ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE & ENDURANCE: While the body produces carnitine naturally, athletes and workout enthusiasts can supplement their carnitine level with high-quality Carnitine Core capsules.
  • BANNED-SUBSTANCE TESTED: We care about the products you put into your body. MusclePharm Carnitine Core Capsules are banned-substance tested and certified by Informed-Choice.


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