Goji Berries, Premium


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Ingredients Organic dried goji berries
Size 6 OunceĀ 

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  • 6oz / 170g Net Weight. Super Food. Extra large goji berries. Original superfood: Goji is considered a healing food ingredient according to the traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Certified Canada Organic and USDA Organic by Ecocert, certificate numberCA-217401-Z-167542-2020. Organically grown and harvested at peak season by hand around end of July to mid August in Ningxia China. Each goji is carefully selected for the extra large size, so each berry is sweet. It is best to store them in a tightly sealed bag or container. Goji becomes spoiled by excess moisture and will become moldy if there is excess moisture, as there is no preservatives in these berries.
  • Each berry will differ in color, since the berries are dried without any colorings or any sulfite. They will range from reddish orange to a darker red. Traditionally, goji berries are used to make tea. A small handful of goji in hot water will brew to a delicious herbal tea.
  • Traditionally, there are four ways to differentiate the quality of the goji. Color. Texture. Smell. Taste. The correct texture of the goji is on the dryer and harder side, but still chewy when warmed. The smell of the goji should be sweet but not pungent. The easiest way to check texture and taste is to brew the goji in hot water. The tea color should be a soft yellow tea color, nothing bright. Bright colors indicate artificial colors.
  • Do not think of goji as a normal dried fruit. There is no comparison in textures or taste to any other dried berries.


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