Premium Arm Blaster Bicep Curl Support


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Item Arm Blaster
Brand Flex
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  • Bicep Isolation – The Core Prodigy Premium Arm Blaster perfectly supports your elbows and enables you to keep the correct posture during curls. Users of the bicep blaster immediately notice proper muscle isolation when curling for a bigger pump and better results.
  • One Size Does Not Fit All – The Core Prodigy Arm Blaster is available in the standard Cannon Curl size (2.5 inch chest depth + 23 inch length) as well as a larger Flex size with a deeper curve and wider gap between the arms (3.75 inch chest depth + 24 inch length). The neck strap is adjustable to your height and is made of heavy duty webbed nylon and the neck pad is made of neoprene.
  • Strength & Comfort – Heavy duty thick gauge aluminum provides strong bicep curl support and stability while pads on the abdomen, elbows and neck support offer serious comfort.
  • Ultimate Arm Builder Support – This Arm Blaster is the perfect weight lifting arm blaster and one of the most essential gym accessories for muscle concentration.


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