Pre JYM Advanced


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Item Form Powder
Brand JYM Supplement Science
Special Ingredients Amino Acid, Creatine
Flavors Tiger’s Blood
Servings 20 Servings


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  • INSANE NITRATE FUELED PUMPS – Yes! X is gonna give it to you. That’s right, the strongest pump you’ve ever experienced. How? We’re using an unheard-of dose of citrulline nitrate as well as betaine nitrate that hits hard and fast. Citrulline + betaine + nitrates = 💪🏻🤯 Your muscles will be full blown and engorge with nutrient rich blood like never before. We must warn you; this is strong. The level of hyperemia (aka blood flow) in your target muscle groups will be out of this world. It may even hurt a bit, you will look seriously jacked.
  • ELECTRIFY YOUR MIND & FOCUS – Utilizing cutting edge nootropic & stimulants, Pre JYM-X will set your mind on fire for maximum training intensity and focus. It’s engineered so well that you will experience true tunnel vision as you blast through your workouts with unrivaled violence. Dynamine + Theacrine + Theanine + Alpha-GPC + Huperzine = Laser like focus. X will deliver and then some. Just like the ridiculously strong pumps you’ll experience, once the gym hits your field of view, you’ll be locked in and ready for battle
  • WRECK YOUR WORKOUTS – Struggling to get through your workouts? Not with Pre JYM-X. It was built to drive power and endurance in a way you have never experienced before. Rep after rep and set after set, your stamina will be endless. Because of this, you’ll set new PR standards and then some. Why? This formulation was carefully crafted to maximize your power and strength through even the most brutal training sessions. Get ready to break personal bests and be the beast you’ve always wanted to be.
  • UNHEARD OF DOSES – When you compare the scoop size of OG Pre JYM, you’ll notice a clear difference in size compared to other brands. The fact of the matter is BIGGER IS BETTER and Pre JYM reset that standard almost as decade ago. With Pre JYM-X we’re setting a new standard by proclaiming THE BIGGEST IS THE BEST. Every ingredient way carefully selected in clinically validated doses to maintain the high formulation standards of Jim Stoppani, PhD and the JYM Army community. We don’t follow anyone else’s standards; we set them for our competition to chase.


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