Kaged Muscle Plantein Protein (Plant-Based), 1.2LBS


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Ingredients Pea Protein Isolate

Cinnamon Roll

Brand Kaged Muscle
Allergen Information Gluten free
Serving Description 1 scoop (35.8g)

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  • BUILDS MUSCLE LIKE WHEY PROTEIN: Most vegan protein powder contains 40%-70% protein content. The pea protein isolate in Plantein has 86% – one of the highest of all plant proteins, a level more comparable to whey than standard pea protein.
  • SMOOTH, CREAMY TEXTURE: Plantein plant based protein powder is smooth and creamy without the earthy taste or gritty texture of other plant proteins. Plantein tastes absolutely amazing, and contains no colors or flavors from artificial sources.
  • AMAZING TASTE WITH ZERO SUGAR: Regular vegan protein powder tastes like dirt, so it’s loaded with sugar and fat to mask the flavor. Plantein pea protein contains zero sugar, and uses only colors and flavors sourced from real fruits and veggies.
  • VEGAN PROTEIN POWDER WITH 3X ENHANCED BIOAVAILABILITY: Easy on the stomach, the pea protein in Plantein is utilizes Ingredient Optimized Technology, which makes our pea protein isolate nearly 300% more bioavailable than regular pea protein.
  • MADE WITH ORGANIC INGREDIENTS, NON-GMO PLANT BASED PROTEIN: Plantein plant based protein shake utilizes only the finest, nutrient-packed ingredients like organic quinoa, and MCT oil from coconuts, and premium pea protein isolate.


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