Garden of Life Plant Based Protein Powder, Dr Formulated MD


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Brand Garden of Life
Flavor Vanilla and Chocolate
Item Weight 1LBS
Serving Description 1 Serving (60g)

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    • ANCIENT BARLEY AND FAVA BEAN PROTEIN: Our plant proteins are made with ancient barley that has been sprouted and combined with fava beans; Each serving of Dr Formulated MD Plant Protein provides 20g of protein, 6g of dietary fiber and only 190 calories
    • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: More than protein, Plant Based Protein has Swedish oat beta-glucans, which are rich in natural fiber and may reduce the risk of heart disease, clinically proven olive Leaf & probiotics for immune health—plus coconut MCTs for energy
    • HEART HEALTHY: Our Creamy Vanilla plant-based protein formula may reduce the risk of heart disease, with 6g of fiber in each serving from a heart healthy blend of ingredients including Swedish oat beta glucans
    • SUSTAINABLE INGREDIENTS: Our sprouted ancient grains, a byproduct of the brewing industry which would normally be discarded, have been upcycled into an innovative superfood protein; And our supply chain boasts the lowest gas emissions, land and water use
    • EXPERTLY FORMULATED: Dr. Formulated MD Plant Based Fit Protein is proudly Non-GMO, Informed Choice, Kosher, Carbon Neutral and Mediterranean Diet approved; Dr. Formulated is made to support digestion, immune and heart health plus overall wellbeing


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