BPI Sports Bulk Muscle XL 15lb


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Ingredients Maltodextrin, MOLKENEIWEIßKONZENTRAT (MILCH), natürliche und künstliche Aromen, EMULGATOR: SOJALECITHIN, Salz, Süßungsmittel: Acesulfam K, Süßungsmittel: Sucralose

Chocolate and Vanilla

Brand BPI Sports
Allergen Information Milk and Soy
Serving Description 3 scoops (215 grams)

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  • BPI Sports Bulk muscle chocolate, 6800 g content is sufficient for approx. 40 portions of 165 g each.
  • A LEAN-HARDCORE muscle gainer with more protein, more carbohydrates, more calories and an outstanding quality and super delicious
  • The amino acid profile is of course also particularly important for muscle growth, the body gets all the amino acids that are needed (BCAAs, glutamine).
  • With added CLA matrix (thistle oil, avocado oil and coconut oil) for fat free muscle mass
  • 2 serving delivers 620 calories, 53 g of proteins, 88 g of carbohydrates of which only 9 g of sugar, 6 g of fat of which 3.5 g of saturated fats


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